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Don't Tell Me There Ain't No God

Gary McDougall




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A spiritual memoir of one man’s journey from faith lost to faith found again. He suffered survivor’s guilt after escaping death nine times and lived to tell the tale. How God pulled him from the brink of suicide and proved to him that there is a God.

Gary is a survivor of a deadly hurricane as a child and many other death-defying moments along the way. He suffered physical abuse, sexual abuse, poverty, racism, emotional trauma, and despair. But with God’s help, he overcame it all. Today, he is a retired, independent contractor, who served in the role of a Lead Engineer for the National Aeronautics Space Agency (NASA).


He decided to write this book to share his harrowing life story with the world in hopes that others may draw inspiration from it and realize that with God all things are possible as he did.

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